The Orchard Pig

logo We are friends who share a passion (and addiction!) for great food and rare breed pigs. We developed this interest by keeping Old Spots, the original “The Orchard Pig”, in our traditional Somerset cider apple orchard.

The only problem was the pigs could not eat all the apples we were producing! So it was really a natural development to make cider and apple juice. Since then, we havent looked back and our hazy days of experimenting have really paid off. Our award winning ciders are made from a mix of hand graded varieties of traditional Somerset cider apples.

orchard_pig_1Harvested from our unsprayed and naturally maintained orchards, the cider is then matured for at least 6 months before bottling. Our magnificent, cloudy, award winning juices are made from whole crushed fruits full of fruity goodness with no added flavourings, colourings or sugar.