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Moor beer is based in Pitney which is only 2 miles away from Williams store. Moors beer have won many wards including their ‘old freddy walker’ that won CAMRAS champion winter beer of Britain, and many other awards at beer festivals.


Marshfield supply Williams with ice cream and sorbet from their organic farm. They have won 14 taste of the west awards, their first in 2008. They are now a taste of the west member.


lymebay_1The Lyme Bay Winery, was founded on a dream to leave the City and return to the West Country to live. We began making traditional drinks, rediscovering the tipples country folk have always made and bringing them back to life.

Many of these traditional country wines and fruit liqueurs have developed a real following and now we make a large range of award-winning drinks. Our drinks are hand-made, by a small team of individuals, who utilise both traditional and modern production techniques to create the best quality tipples we can.

Lyme Bay Country Wines are inspired by the wines traditionally made from hedgerow fruits and flowers. The range includes both lighter, drier wines and more intense, old-fashioned berry-rich varieties and are produced using fruits and juices often sourced locally in Dorset.


Luscombe supply Williams with juices and bottled cider. They are a company from Devon and have won many awards including, British bottlers institute, great taste and taste of the west.